diuresis, de-escalation, & liberation: critical care scenarios podcast

Most resuscitationists are very comfortable with aggressively adding therapies to stabilize patients.

The zentensivist approach is to aggressively deresuscitate as well.

Comparison of the trajectories of usual care vs idealized zentensive care.

I recently joined Brandon Oto and Bryan Boling on their excellent podcast, Critical Care Scenarios. Their podcast is notable for excellent descriptions of clinical pearls that are framed in case-based scenarios.

We discussed my approach to deresuscitation, including a few key issues:

  • Diuresis, including a combination approach
  • Diuresis or ultrafiltration while on vasopressors
  • Liberalizing vent settings to maximize patient comfort while maintaining safety
  • Moving aggressively towards extubation (#AlwaysBeExtubating)
  • Getting plastic out of the patient

The podcast can be found on your favorite streaming platforms, and also at this link on their site.

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