#ThePeoplesVentricle echo review

It’s hard to overstate how fruitful social media has been for my medical education and opportunities for great projects.

A recent example is this review article, Transthoracic Right Heart Echocardiography for the Intensivist, a collaboration spearheaded by my friend Max Hockstein.

The right ventricle has always held my interest as it’s the connection between the systemic circulation and lungs, often affected by both septic shock and ARDS (two conditions in which I’m intensely interested).

The RV (aka #ThePeoplesVentricle) also is the site of great case studies in zentensivism, as it fares poorly in the face of fluid overload and requires meticulous minimalist care to optimize, especially when on positive pressure ventilation.

I hope you enjoy the article, and I look forward to your feedback!



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